"​What's your style"? 
W​e love to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our clients. Our images, kind of like us, are vibrant (colorful), clear (clean), and dynamic (we love action and movement). 
Our clients often remark that it's easy and enjoyable to work with us! 
We're both easygoing and detailed about our work.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. When can I expect my photos?
W​e deliver most images within 8 business days! It can be sooner for simpler sessions and up to two or three weeks for wedding images. 
2​. H​ow will I receive images?
W​e use WeTransfer.com to send you a download link via email. The best part is, you can use it too!
3​. What's your preferred method of communication?
Thanks for asking! W​e love keeping conversations on a single email thread so everyone can be included over time. If something urgent comes up, we encourage phone calls and voicemails. On the day of the session or event, texts work well for simple updates.
4​. What about payment?
We ask that $500 or 50% of your investment be paid upfront to hold your date, whichever is greater. The balance can be paid at the same time, or by the date of your session or event. We've never needed to issue late fees and deposits are not refundable. 
5​. Do you offer any guarantees? 
Y​ou can bet that we're here to have some fun! If you don't use a single image from your head shot or portrait session, we may offer you another session. 
6​. Will you deliver every image you shoot?
We now offer use-your-own-phone sessions that allow you to keep everything. Otherwise, all other types of photography we offer come with professional editing and retouching.
7​. Do you travel for destination weddings or other events like Quinceneras or Bat/Bar Mitzvahs?
Y​es! We add the travel and accommodation fees to the budget. For road travel outside a 30-mile radius, we add mileage at the Federal rate.
8. What else do you photograph?
With almost three decades of joint experience between Anna, Jason, and Tina... we've provided product photography, macro photography (including microscopic images), telescopic images (of planets and the moon), and sports coverage (rowing, climbing, running).
Specifically, Anna is exploring life cycle photography: capturing life entering the world during birthing, and life passing on in the form of celebrations of life (funerals). 
9​. What else do I need to know?
J​ust ask us! You'll be helping us keep this page updated for future clients!
We've only issued one refund over nearly two decades, and we have only canceled (and refunded) one event during that time as well because of a conflict. We are happy to reschedule your shoot if you require. 
Generally, we do not offer refunds.
Additional Time
We simply bill you at the same rate we were hired!
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